Personal Finance Series: No 25 – The 10 Unbreakable Laws of Money Happiness

Lasting money happiness requires three major components; it takes knowledge, skill and attitude.

Knowledge, of both the money system, like when and how to seek the services of debt consolidation counselling services ( for example,current financial circumstances), and knowledge of self.

Skills, which are learned behaviours and repetitive tasks which make the coordination and management of money easier.

Attitude, is the manifestations and way in which we think about money, act around money and other people.

These give rise the the 10 unbreakable laws of money happiness.

Create opportunities for yourself, while others react to their life change events. Far too many people sit back and think life owes them a living, or think that there is no point in trying to start on anything noteworthy because they are not good enough. These people are buffeted around like leaves in the wind – constantly at the mercy of life events. Yet life is constantly changing, so law number one is to use that energy of change to create opportunities for yourself.

Focus on wealth and abundance, while others focus only on security and survival. By following this law, money happy people have a wider vision. They focus on seeing the positive, and hold to the view that there is more than enough to go around, that collaborating is much better than competing. They can take calculated investment risks and seize their opportunities when they come along.

Have a “Can do” attitude not excuses why you “Can’t do”. The 3rd law holds that by seeing failure as a learning lesson, not failure as a result, by adopting an explorative mind which seeks the solution, barriers are overcome, while those adopting the opposite attitude often fail to even try because barriers seem insurmountable.

Have positive friends and look for people to emulate. Let others gossip / criticise. Negative people are an energy drain, and constantly seek to bring other people down to their level. Attitude is infectious, as can be seen by the simple act of smiling at a stranger. It is rare that the smile is not reciprocated. When people gossip and criticise others, they are delighting in weakness, which limits their ability to attract wealth and happiness. Avoid them.

Rise above your problems and use them, let others get depressed and victimised. Money happy people still have problems, they still experience issues, yet this law states to rise above the challenges experienced and refuse to allow the nagging self destructive doubts to remove all self confidence.

Focus on net worth and building assets, others are only focused on their income. People who are focused on their income are renting their lives, while people who spread their focus and consider assets and worth as their measurement, are following the 6th law of money happiness.

Manage Money well and carefully, while others are too tired, busy or confused. Subscribing to a personal finance budget software online, using a personal finance spreadsheet, and financial goal setting is the way to monitor, track and stay abreast of personal finances. This takes the fear of the unknown away – the seventh law.

Have big, wide dreams, as others live their worst nightmares. Setting goals, visions, and objectives in managing personal finance online is the best way forward. These give purpose, meaning and motivation to grow and experience new things, while other wallow in their financial misery.

Constantly learn and grow, because others think they already know enough. The 9th law is crucial. People who think they already know enough are limited in their capacity to learn, and have stopped growing. This law encourages happy people to keep looking at the world through the lens of ‘new’ seeking new experiences and new things to try.

Be committed to being successful, since others aren’t willing to sacrifice. People give up too quickly. This last law talks about being tenacious, having ‘stickability’ within a sensible decision making framework. People who fail to commit and who are unwilling to pay the price of success and hard work can’t achieve money happiness because they will be full of self doubt and feelings of having been beaten by something that didn’t work
These Laws are most conveniently supported when using a practical system of financial management, a personal finance budget system which allows for the capture and tracking of money behaviours. Online budget software allows for the convenience of budgeting without detracting from happy times.

Mark Donnan is A former CEO in Financial Services an

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